Eager to get your company up to speed when it comes to tech? We got you. Truelogic's state-of-the-art tech solutions will give you the leading edge.


Get to know us

Through high-end processes and engineers, we provide the service and transparency our clients need.

Marcelo Tribuj –


Truelogic’s true story

Who we are

Who’s behind Truelogic? The world’s leading tech professionals. But for us going to work doesn’t mean disappearing into separate cubicles. We may show up in jeans, but we work as a team – a team that comes up with tangible solutions for you, our client.

How we work

At Truelogic, we’re a collective of like-minded techies who love taking on projects together that go beyond the workspace. We believe that true innovation is born out of true collaboration which is how we find new and innovative solutions for our clients.

Our talent, everywhere

Our US and Latin American-based teams overlap 6 to 8 working hours, and are ready to start rockin your projects.