We understand that each project and each client is unique with their own specific requirements and based on our knowledge and experience, we select the most suitable technology for the software solution you are looking for.

Staff Augmentation

Hiring people is always a challenge, it takes time to find the right person and even more time until he joins the team. Our clients are benefited with immediate access to our candidates, to fully interview them and have them working within a 2 to 4 weeks window. These resources work full-time from our development center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, overlapping 8 working hours while working with the East Coast and 6 hours while working with the West Coast.


Our procedures allow us to make accurate estimations, providing our clients the opportunity of us working on a fixed bid. This means that we analyze the scope, we create a project plan and we commit to completing the project by a specific date and budget.

dedicated scrum teams

We help our clients to scale in a flexible way, assigning developers, graphic designers, testers and project managers as an extension of their teams. Our employees work with dedication to each project and each client. Full visibility, transparency and open communication are a key aspects of our service and our project management tools allow our clients to have full control of the performance of each resource.

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